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5 Reasons Why Women in the Adult industry Should Be Their Own Boss

The Adult industry is primarily a male run industry. This means that women are left at a disadvantage in how they are portrayed and in being cast, if at all, in video productions. Thanks in part to a down economy, the adult industry has seen an incredible increase in available talent for the picking and choosing. This also means that with so much competition, women can be forced to make economic decisions in order to get work, like engage in acts she might not be comfortable performing or even perform without protection.

Being your own boss only makes sense given the landscape of the adult industry today.
Here are five reasons why you should consider being in charge of your own career if you are an adult performer (or an aspiring one):

1. You control your own image - As your own producer, you can show what you want, to whom you want. You only interested in solo videos? Or do you prefer to work with another girl? Your call, your show. In the end, if you change your mind, you can just pull the plug on your enterprise. No model’s remorse, no changing your stage name to distance yourself from that horrible shoot you did two months ago.

2. You control how much money you make and when you make it - One of the best things about being your own producer is not having to wait for the phone to ring (or the text message) for your next gig. One model I know makes a very good living working from home for herself as a webcam performer. She works while her children are at school and by the time they come home, her work day is already done.

3. Equipment is cheaper - Prosumer (professional consumer) camcorders and web cameras are very inexpensive now and often provide great quality videos and images comparable to what the professionals use. Also, The barrier of video editing is lowered by the ease, selection and availability of software on the internet. When I started out, I had a Sony Handicam that used little mini tapes to record my footage and had it edited by a professional since I couldn’t afford editing software. It wasn’t the high quality stuff you see now, but it was a start and what was available at the time for my budget.

4. No Website Necessary - Thanks to clips store websites, distributing your content doesn’t require any start up costs. If you prefer a more direct relationship with your fans, webcam sites are a great way to have a web presence without even leaving your bedroom. Before I decided to venture into a subscription website, I created a clips 4 sale account and put videos up my videos to see what type of response I would get. Fast forward to today. Even though I have several subscription websites, I still have my clips 4 sale stores to this day.

5. There’s Room for Everyone, Including You -With the exception of a few stand out stars, the mainstream adult world has a pretty narrow definition of what’s considered attractive. Fortunately, the average man doesn’t feel that way. All shapes, colors, sizes and ages are sexy and has an audience. When I first started filming, no one would hire me. I had no idea why. I was confused, because I had a fan base waiting to see more of me in videos. I even contacted one producer over a dozen times thinking maybe my emails weren’t getting through (I later learned I was being ignored). I finally got fed up and took matters into my own hands.

I’m glad I did because after the success of my site, I saw an increase in black women appearing in fetish videos across the internet from other producers.

Of course, being your own boss is not for everyone. Some performers prefer the safety of a contract and do adult videos so they can make the real money feature dancing in clubs across the country. Most aspiring performers aren’t as fortunate and still need to put food on the table without completely compromising herself risking life, limb or sexual health. Also, most don’t have the luxury of traveling across the country; they have children or day jobs that keep them local. With the internet however, you can travel anywhere you like without ever leaving home.

So satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit and shake up the adult industry establishment! Being your own boss might be right for you, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

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I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.



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Protect Yourself Producers! Why a Model Release is Essential to Your Business

Last week I read about Cindy Lee Garcia, a woman who sued Google for failing to honor her DMCA takedown request against an anti-Islamic film she appeared in unbeknownst to her. Another woman, Avril Nolan, also enjoyed a legal victory against Getty Images for using her photo in an HIV campaign poster. While there were many reasons the ladies prevailed, at the heart of the matter for the Courts that found in Garcia’s and Nolan’s favors was the fact that the actress and model never provided written consent to use their images in the manners they were used. In other words, there was no model release in either case.

As an adult producer, I make it my business to be absolutely clear with models what they’re being hired to do. I have them examine my websites and provide me feedback that they understand and are comfortable with the content matter. I also have a strict policy against filming models who don’t or can’t produce ID or who object, in whole or in part, to my model release.  Even if you are not as diligent a producer, a clearly written and executed model release prevents a world of headache and legal wrangling later on down the line, whether the model states her understanding and agreement with what her role is or not. Assuming absolute copyright over an image stretches the copyright protection laws when a model is not made aware of all instances her image could be used for, particularly if the model is painted in an unflattering light or made to appear to be a proponent to something she may not be. In the case of Ms. Garcia, her voice was dubbed over with anti-Islamic speech and subsequently, she received death threats. For Ms. Nolan, she was depicted in a poster as being HIV positive, which, despite her HIV negative status, has friends and associates believing she is indeed positive.

The legal victories of these women have adult producers concerned over “actor’s remorse,” where a model who has shot content later asks to have said content removed. The worry is that the door is now opened for models to seek legal remedies, claiming to not know what they were doing or not clearly understand what they were being asked to perform. This is a legitimate concern given the uncertain relationship the adult industry has with the legal system when it comes to enforcing our first amendment and/or intellectual property rights. However, having a well written, fully executed model release (along with fully informed consent), means you don’t have to worry about such occurrences. A model release is all the written consent you need as a producer. It is essential to your survival as a producer to make sure you always have informed written consent from models of sound mind and body.

In my 7 years of producing content, I have been contacted twice by models asking to remove the content they appeared in. In both instances, the request began with, “I know I signed a consent form,” or similar language. This means I did my job as a producer and protected myself from possible future litigation.

I don’t agree with what the producers did with Ms. Garcia’s and Ms. Nolan’s respective images. They had no regard for the collateral damage they would create for these women by thoughtlessly using their images in the manners they did. However, had they executed proper model releases, these cases may not have resulted in legal victories for the models.

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Why Belle Knox Is Right To Defend Herself

Adult Film Starlet and Duke University freshman Belle Knox recently appeared on “Piers Morgan Live” to discuss her being “outed” as in porn films. Belle defends her job choice and fails to see the big deal. She is absolutely right in her position and here’s why:

1. Belle is employed in a perfectly legal profession. That she’s nude and engaging in sex acts should not make a difference.

2. She provides entertainment consumed by millions of people. For anyone who watches adult videos to judge her is sheer hypocrisy.

3. Duke University is not only an accomplishment, it is also very expensive. Tuition is over $50k a year and will provide Belle a top notch education.

4. That a young woman chose not to rely on social services or to live a life of crime, but instead become a productive tax paying member of society is a good thing for our economy.

5. To Adult film industry is a multimillion dollar business fueled by consumer desire for young attractive women. If Belle is enterprising enough to make use of these facts and attractive enough to qualify for such work she should congratulated, not forced to accept the proverbial scarlet letter.

 It’s time for America to end this love/hate hypocrisy with the adult film industry and stop trying to shame adult film workers.

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